A Final Lesson on Faith

“Forgive me Father for I have sinned. It has been three weeks since my last blog.” Even though I am not Catholic, that is the confession that runs through my mind daily. The confession is accompanied by feelings of frustration and guilt. I have a few friends that refer to themselves as recovering Catholics. They tell me I would have been a great one since I am naturally hard on myself, feel the need to confess all of my shortcomings to everyone all the time, and feel guilty about just about everything- including the fact that I feel guilty because a “true” Christian should fully understand that there is now no condemnation for those that are in Christ. But I digress…

We have had a beautiful fall and I have been able to paddleboard through last week so I thought I would share one final lesson on Faith. I went out one night last week and was surprised to find the waves choppier than I had imagined. It didn’t seem very windy out but the lake was rough. The time seemed to drag on and I wasn’t really enjoying myself. The only reason I kept going was the fact that I knew it could very well be my final ride of the year.

In order to keep myself out there I set the timer on my phone. I had to keep paddling for another 20 minutes before I could turn around and head home. The time dragged on and I kept checking the time every five minutes. Suddenly I hit this calm, smooth as glass area on the lake. I had been on glass like water before but there was something different about this moment. Other times I could see the smooth surface ahead and it was like a goal to reach it. However this time it seemed to appear out of the blue, like a little reward or blessing out of nowhere.
I stopped paddling and just enjoyed the stillness of it all. I was the only one on the lake. The only one floating on this little spot of glass surrounded by rough water. For a moment I felt peace I hadn’t felt in awhile and I didn’t want to leave it.

I think faith is often just like my ride. We find ourselves in rougher water than we expected to be in. The time in this rough water seems to drag on forever and we keep asking ourselves and God when the timer will sound and we can go back home. Then suddenly, out of nowhere we find ourselves on smooth water again. We get our breakthrough, a reprieve, an answered prayer, or simply a feeling of peace we have been longing for. And when we find it, we just want to stay there.

The life of faith doesn’t work like that though. Just as I had to leave the glass and paddle home, we don’t get to stay in that easy place for long. Life has a new set of waves rolling our way. The Good News is, once we experience the peace of still waters, we can carry that peace with us into the waves because we know that at any moment God will deliver us once again and bring us to that place of stillness and rest.

What a blessing was that stillness as he brought them safely to harbor! Psalm 107:30

If you find yourself in rough waters today, please know that the the Lord will most certainly calm the waters and bring you safely into harbor. He will offer you peace and rest. He will be your refuge and hiding place. Though you may feel like you have been waiting forever, at just the right time, you will be delivered, and you will find a peace you have not experienced before. He will never fail you, forsake you, or leave you. He has not abandoned you and He hears your cries for help. Hold on to his promises and you will find yourself floating on smooth waters of peace!

Love, Grace, and Smooth Waters For You All,


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