Like most women these days, I wear many hats. I am a wife of 19 years, a mother to a teenager, tween, and a Mastiff named Nana, a daughter, an employee, a volunteer, and a youth leader- just to name a few. Though I love all of my hats, there are days when I have to wear them all at once and when I collapse into my bed at night I wonder if I have worn any of them well, or if I have disappointed the entire universe.

I have found the only way to wear my many hats and keep a happy heart (and my sanity) is to stay grounded in the truth of Gods Word. What really makes my heart happy is sharing that Truth with others!

I believe every woman is extraordinary and has a story to tell. I believe we have all been given gifts, talents, and dreams. My hope in sharing mine with you is that you will find the encouragement to pursue yours, and together we will grow and become all God created us to be.

To me the perfect morning would include having my living room full of women drinking coffee, laughing (sometimes crying), while sharing our everyday ordinary, yet extraordinary, lives. So grab a cup of coffee, settle in your favorite chair and take off all of your hats but one- the one labeled Beloved. May that hat never leave your beautiful and precious head, even on the days when you feel as though you are failing at all of the others.