Butter Brain

Have you ever noticed that it is so much easier to have faith for someone else’s situation than it is for your own? Why is that? Why is it that I have no problem believing God will heal my friend’s broken leg prior to surgery but I don’t seem to believe God has this whole job thing under control?

I say I do. I say I have turned it over to God. I say I trust God to make sure His perfect will is done in my life. I say I believe He will shut the wrong door and open the correct one. I say I will know His voice when He speaks to my heart. I say all of these things. I say them, and I believe them. However…

If I truly believed the things I say, why do I find myself churning the situation in the back of my mind all day long? My mind is basically butter by now- the very thing I said I wasn’t going to do!

I hate feeling like the double minded believer! I picture Jesus looking at me with his compassionate eyes saying “Oh ye of little faith- why do you doubt me so?”. My immediate response would be “I don’t! I don’t doubt you! I know you know what’s best for me! I know you have good plans for me! I know you know the end from the beginning!”

I know all of these things. I do trust God. It’s me I don’t trust! I don’t trust that I will know what to do. I don’t trust that whatever happens I will be confident that I am where I am supposed to be. I don’t trust that I won’t second guess myself every day if I am offered the new job. Oh me of little faith…

I hate to admit the way I am feeling. I want to be super faith woman. I want to be the Girl that says “I prayed with my friend, hit the submit button on my job application, and haven’t given it a second thought.” However, my blog is titled What Real Women Do, and sometimes, real women find themselves over thinking situations in their lives until it becomes butter. It doesn’t mean we don’t trust in the Lord or have faith. It simply means we are human.

As much as we try to let go, it’s not easy. It’s not easy surrendering control of your life. It’s not easy trusting what you cannot see. I do believe God is busy taking care of our lives behind the scenes, but wouldn’t it be so nice to get a glimpse of it? I think so!

So what does a real women do when she finds herself making butter with the situations in her life? She asks her friends to have faith for her situation and in turn she has faith for theirs. I find it easier to pray for others than for myself at times. It feels less desperate and personal. I find it easier to stand on God’s word and pray in complete matter of fact prayer for others because I don’t have all of the “what-ifs” churning in my head. I can look at my friend and say “God says it, so it’s true. End of story. No but’s…”

God is so good. He does not require us to have “perfect” faith. He understands our weakness. He understands that as much as we want to trust that He has it all figured out, we often over think things. He does not get angry with us when we pray one thing, yet struggle to stand on it. He knows we are trying to get to that perfect place in faith, but that sometimes it takes awhile.

All we need is a little faith. It says in Matthew 17:20 “I tell you the truth, if you have faith even as small as a mustard seed, you could say to this mountain, “Move from here to there”, and it would move. Nothing would be impossible.” Sure, God wants us to get to a place where we are not double minded and do not waver, but He also encourages us in our weakness by saying a little faith can go a long way. Imagine what big faith can do!

If you find yourself making butter over a situation in your life, don’t make it worse by thinking God is disappointed in you. When the churning starts, try to remind yourself of the promises God has made for you. Remind yourself of all the ways he has taken care of you in the past. Tell the enemy to shut up and go away. Ask a friend to pray for you. Then try to relax. That is what I am doing over here 🙂

Dear Heavenly Father, thank you for loving me in my weakness. Thank you for not requiring me to have perfect faith. Thank you for promising me that you will make my crooked path straight as you order my steps. Help me to rest in your promises. Thank you for the gift of faith, may it increase and grow in me as you guide me in my decisions. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Love, Grace, a Butter Free Day For Us All,



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