My Way Made Plain

This morning I didn’t have clear direction as to what I was supposed to read in my Bible. Many times I will study a specific word, book, or person, but today I didn’t really have a plan. So, I did what I normally do when I don’t have a plan. I read the Psalm for what day of the month it is. Today it was Psalm 5.

Knowing that I would most likely hear about the job today my spirit clung to Psalm 5:6 Lead me in the right path, O LORD, or my enemies will conquer me. Make your way plain for me to follow.

I did not have the time or mental energy to waver about the job. I refused to overthink it. I refused to entertain doubt, confusion, or worry. I refused to let it steal my joy or rob my peace. As I meditated on the verse I asked the Lord again to close the door if it not what is best for me, and I promised to walk through the door without doubt should it be opened to me.

I am blessed to work with so many people that truly care about me. Many people asked me today if I heard anything and how I was doing. I had such a strange sense of peace about the whole thing. I really didn’t think about it. I wasn’t excited, anxious, upset, or concerned. One of my friends said I seemed defeated. I thought for a second and said “No, I am just strangely at peace with whatever happens- to the point that I almost don’t care.”

I didn’t mean it in an “I don’t care” bad attitude way. I meant it in a without care way. It was like I was walking in a protective bubble of peace all day long. It was strange. Most of all, it was AWESOME!

I got called into my boss’ office at 2:15. I sat down and she started in with the “I wanted you to know we hired someone for the position, yada, yada, yada…….” I just looked at her and said “That’s okay. I am really okay with it.” She just looked at me like maybe I didn’t understand her. I am sure she was expecting me to be upset, or even cry a little (I cry at at the worst possible times and half the time it just happens without me seeing it coming).

There were no tears. There was no feelings of not being “good enough” (that right there is a sign that I was in a protective bubble). There really wasn’t anything except me knowing deep in my spirit that I had probably dodged a bullet and that there is something awesome and exciting down the road for me.

God is so good. I learned so much about myself over the last two weeks just by going through this process. More importantly, I got to know the Lord better. I got to experience His fierce love for me, as well as His guidance and protection. I know He was teaching me many lessons in this one event. I hope to retain the lessons and carry them into the next chapter of my story. The peace I had all day and still have tonight is a peace I want to carry with me always, it is so awesomely strange and supernatural.

If you find yourself wondering if you are where you are supposed to be, I encourage you to meditate on today’s verse. If you genuinely ask Him to make your way plain, He will! The key is to accept whatever and wherever that “way made plain” takes you.

Dear Heavenly Father, thank you for your fierce love! Thank you for making my way plain. Thank you for watching out for me. Thank you for protecting me. Thank you for knowing what is best for me. Thank you for surrounding me with your peace. You are good! In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Love, Grace, and Our Ways Made Plain,


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