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I received a comment that sparked a follow up blog for today. If you ever have a comment you feel like leaving- please do! You never know, it may be just the thing I need to spark my Word for the day. If you do not want your comment posted, just indicate that and it will remain between you and me 🙂

The comment read “What a great analogy to coincide with dreams. I am not sure where I am at on the slide, but it gives me time to pray and ask God”. I started thinking about my friend that left the comment. She is the mom I was at the playground with the other day.

I thought back to what life was like when my kids where ages two and infant. It was a crazy, busy, exciting, sweet, exhausting, precious and often overwhelming time. I don’t know that I did much dreaming during those early years. I think my dreams at the time were to be able to sleep long enough to have an actual dream, and to take an uninterrupted shower.

Revisiting those years got me thinking how life is kind of like a giant playground. There are many stages in our adult lives and they all have a piece of playground equipment that coincides with that stage. There are the college years, otherwise known as the monkey bars. You are focused on going from point a to b barely hanging on and hoping you can make it across. Then you are off to the sandbox where you try to build a life for yourself with your own little castle.

Next comes the merry go round. This is how I felt at times when my kiddos were little. The days sort of blended together and it seemed like the hours between waking and sleeping had me dizzy from running in circles all day chasing after the kids. As the kids got older and I went back to work I hopped on to the teeter totter. There I try desperately to balance work, family, friends, and all of the hats us women wear. I am hoping this year I can get that teeter totter to balance out!

Finally there are the swings. The swings represent the retirement years. The swings are when you get to kick back and watch over all of the other people on the playground and enjoy the different stages they are in. Though you are still active, you are not in a rush to get anywhere.

So where does the slide fit in? The slide is for all stages. We should run over to the slide often while we are in our different life stages. Our dreams will look different at each stage, but we should always be dreaming. We dream of our future, we dream for our kids, we dream about our career path, and through it all we discover the dreams God places within us. Once we have those dreams we will go in and out of seasons where we get to play on the slide. Sometimes it is only a quick ride. Other times we get to hang out there for a long while.

If you find yourself on a part of the playground you are not enjoying, take some time to visit the slide. Do as my friend is and pray and ask God what you should be dreaming about, and what if anything you should be doing to move towards them at this time. You may discover it’s time to spend more time on the slide, or you may find you are in a another season of life and right now you should enjoy that season while visiting the slide when you can.

There is a season (a time appointed) for everything and a time for every delight and event or purpose under heaven. Ecclesiastes 3:1

Love, Grace, and a Playground Life For Us All,


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