The Archway of Trust

Now you are ready, my bride, to come with me as we climb the highest peaks together. Come with me through the archway of trust. -Song of Songs 4:8a Passion Translation

In Song of Songs chapter 4, verse 8, we are given an invitation by Jesus, our bridegroom. He invites us, his bride, to go away with him. He tells us that the way to go is through the archway of trust. 

Trust. The opposite of doubt and unbelief. You cannot trust someone if you hold any doubt or unbelief towards them. As we looked at yesterday, this is is exactly why the enemy continuously tries to cast doubt on the goodness of God. His endgame is to get us to stop trusting the Lord, and to become complacent, compromised, and disobedient to Gods Word.

Going through the archway of trust is not easy. It is also not a one time thing. Looking back on my life I have walked under this archway. I have also yielded to fear at times and ran back out from the archway back into the safety of the “known and controlled” way of life.

I am just one in a long line of people that have have started walking through the archway of trust and then allowed fear to come in. Peter stepped out of the boat in a grand moment of trust, and seconds later looked at the storm, realized what he was doing, freaked out, and started to sink.

The disciples spent three years with Jesus, not only watching, but also performing miracles. They had walked away from the lives they knew. Literally walked away mid shift dropping their nets, leaving their boats, walking away from the tax booth. They trusted Jesus with EVERYTHING, because he was literally all they had. Yes- they walked (more like ran) through the archway of trust.

They lived a life of faith and awe watching water turn into wine, bread and fish be multiplied, thousands being healed, and even people being raised from the dead. Yet on the day of Jesus crucifixion, where were they? They were hightailing it back out of the archway as fast as they could. Hiding and shaking in fear, certain they were next to die.

Trust is a big thing to God. After all, how can you truly love or be loved by someone you don’t trust. Even a small about of doubt and distrust will hinder a relationship. I believe that is why God allows us to walk through so many archways of trust. He is building us up to a place where we stop asking questions, stop listening to the enemy, and simply move at the sound of His voice, without any hesitation.

Let’s go back to where we left the Israelites a couple days ago. They were camped at the Red Sea. They were facing the mountain of the the false god of the sea and the Egyptians were approaching them to wipe them out. They were trapped. There were crying out to Moses, who was crying out to God.

God’s response “Quit your crying and move” (Jen Gilbert translation :). He told Moses to raise his rod and part the sea. Umm…ok…sure…

Raising his rod was a step towards the archway of trust. God responded by causing the sea to go back by a strong east wind all that night, and made the sea into dry land, and the waters were divided -Exodus 14:21.

Moses moved. God moved.

That’s just the beginning. They still had to walk through it. Can you imagine what that was like? Can you imagine the fear, doubt and unbelief that would try to creep in? I love to imagine those moments. You are walking THROUGH the Red Sea. If you look to the left you may see a whale with his mouth open just waiting to have you and your family for lunch. On the right may be a bunch of jellyfish waiting to sting you. Or forget the sea creatures, “what if” the water suddenly comes crashing down on you? There are over 2 million of you and grandma is ahead of you walking slow as ever so this is literally going to take FOREVER!

Ok, so don’t look to the left or to the right, and don’t think about the waters crashing down, or how long this is going to take. Just look ahead. Wait. We are walking TOWARDS the mountain of the false god of the sea! What if he isn’t false? What if he really is the god of the sea? I bet he isn’t happy that Moses messed with his sea and divided it like this. Well isn’t this just super…

I set my face like a flint and I walk through the waters.

They moved. They were probably freaked out the entire time, but they moved.

They moved. God moved.

God moved by taking the wheels off the chariots of the Egyptians, so they drove them with difficulty (ok- how fantastic is that?!) At that point the Egyptians realized that they were no match for the God of Israel. They tried to turn tail and run, but it was too late. The waters closed in and drowned them all. It says in Exodus 14:28 that not one of them remained.

We move. God moves. We go first. Catch that? WE GO FIRST. It’s time to stop waiting for the waters to divide in our lives before we take a step. WE MOVE FIRST. We listen for what the Spirit of the Lord is saying to us through His written or spoke Word and then we move. And we TRUST that He will move. And His moves are AWESOME. But here’s the deal, He cannot move until we do. WE MOVE FIRST.

Is there something in your life God is telling you to do? Is there an archway of trust He is inviting you to come through with Him? Understand that He is building your relationship. It needs to be established on trust. Despite the whales, jellyfish, and mountains, you need to MOVE. The beautiful thing is God has ALREADY moved before us in ways we do not know. He is simply building up our faith so we stop running back to the false safety of a life lived in the boat, or on dry land, but never ON the water.

Dear Heavenly father, thank you for the Divine invitation to come away with you through the archway of trust. Thank you for making a way where there is no way. Thank you for your patience and mercy during all the times I have refused to move. I want to build my relationship with you Lord. I want to trust you with EVERYTHING Lord. Holy Spirit help me to know the move you want me to make right not in my life. I trust that as I move, you move. Lead me today through the archway of trust. In Jesus’ name, Amen!

Running through the archway,


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